Building Design Capabilities in Academic Libraries


  • Andrea Alessandro GASPARINI University of Oslo, Norway



Design capabilities, research through design, design thinking, knowledge brokers, design interventions


While design-led innovation may have huge potential to change both tangible outcomes of design, such as products and services, and the intangible ones such as values, mindsets and organizational cultures, the approach has not been broadly investigated in the organizational settings, especially when it comes to building in-house design capabilities. The paper reflects on both practical and theoretical concerns around building of design capabilities in academic libraries. The making and sustaining design capabilities was supported by design interventions in the form of design workshops and other design activities, and repeated re-enforcements of constructivist and experiential organizational learning leading to integration of design proto practices with daily routines and established work practices. The findings are articulated as a set of guidelines toward building design capabilities in academic libraries through design thinking. At the conceptual level, the work highlights the importance of openness, dialogical spaces and temporal aspects of such processes.




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GASPARINI , A. A. . (2019). Building Design Capabilities in Academic Libraries. Conference Proceedings of the Academy for Design Innovation Management, 2(1), 1068–1082.