Consumption experience on Tmall

A social semiotic multimodal analysis of interactive banner ads


  • Zhen CHEN Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China
  • Ming CHEUNG Griffith University, Australia



Social semiotics, multimodal analysis, interactive banner ads, e-commerce, experience design


This article contributes to the methodology literature of experience design by analysing banner ads on Tmall with a synthesis of social semiotics, multimodal analysis, and interactivity which guides our analysis of consumer-oriented advertising in e-commerce.  Departing from Tmall’s annual Double 11 Carnival, our analysis shows that the banner ads have been incorporated into a gamification design to encourage consumers to spend more and buy things they may not need even after the event has been completed. Our approach of analysing the ads on both the syntagmatic and paradigmatic dimensions is explicitly multimodal, taking the linguistic, visual and interactive resources (the tri-fold convergence) into consideration to study new phenomena in an e-selling environment. The approach of this study could be helpful to scholars and practitioners in the field of experience design, where multimodality and textual analysis of visual information is of great importance.




How to Cite

CHEN, Z., & CHEUNG, M. . (2019). Consumption experience on Tmall: A social semiotic multimodal analysis of interactive banner ads. Conference Proceedings of the Academy for Design Innovation Management, 2(1), 878–892.