Service Blueprint for Sustainable Business Model Evaluation


  • Sau Ching Cheryl CHEUNG Loughborough University
  • Sharon PRENDEVILLE Loughborough University
  • Ksenija KUZMINA Loughborough University



Service Innovation, Service Design, Sustainable Business Model Innovation, Sustainable Value Co-creation, Sustainability Evaluation Tool


The adverse societal impacts caused by sharing mobility - a form of service-based sustainable business model innovations, showed that operation activities and managerial practices impact heavily on the sustainable value of a service offering. To identify how new service development (NSD) activities can better support the proposed service offering for sustainability, evaluating sustainability of service operations is needed. This study draws learnings from service design, product-service system and sustainable innovation research streams, to build sustainability evaluation framework into service blueprint. Six expert-interviews and two mobility case studies were developed, to illustrate service blueprint's capability in mapping sustainability input and benefits created during NSD and service operation activities. Results revealed a) the shift from using sustainable ‘value’ to ‘benefits’ concept in service operation evaluation, b) the public-private collaboration dilemma and c) the agile NSD and sustainable innovation incompatibility. This paper aims to offer a springboard for practitioners and researchers to uncover compelling insights, discuss latest service design developments, and envision future directions for integrating sustainability into service-based business model innovation




How to Cite

CHEUNG , S. C. C. ., PRENDEVILLE , S., & KUZMINA , K. . . (2019). Service Blueprint for Sustainable Business Model Evaluation. Conference Proceedings of the Academy for Design Innovation Management , 2(1), 848–875.

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