Circular Archetypes

A feasibility study exploring how Makerspaces might support circular innovation, within the Scottish textile sector

  • Jen BALLIE University of Dundee and V&A Dundee, Scotland
Keywords: Circular Economy, Design, Fashion, Textiles, Sustainability, Maker spaces


We live in a ‘throwaway and replace’ culture. Our growing population and demand for new products has placed huge pressures on our planet’s resources. The research argues design can play a strategic role in supporting the adoption of new mindsets, methods and models to enhance awareness and understanding of the need to design for a circular economy. This paper provides a practical example. Drawing upon a feasibility study into Makerspaces, it will explore how they might be developed in the future to support circular innovation, within the context of textiles, to address complex issues around material waste. The insights drawn from this research act as a starting point for future work, reflecting on the implications of the methods applied, concluding the circular economy is the same imperative whether people are focusing on ecology, economy or just their own business. Furthermore, it will suggest that design-led approaches play a role in embedding collaborative ways of working to integrate sustainability into the business modelling process.

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BALLIE , J. (2019). Circular Archetypes. Conference Proceedings of the Academy for Design Innovation Management , 2(1), 834–847.