Minding the gap

The road to circular business models


  • Marco PINHEIRO Sao Paulo State University - UNESP, Brazil
  • Daniel JUGEND Sao Paulo State University - UNESP, Brazil




Circular economy, environmental sustainability, new product development, sustainable design


Despite strategic design (SD) and product portfolio management (PPM) play a pivotal role in driving companies toward a more sustainable economy, it is still not clear how SD and PPM can contribute to the advances of circular business models (CBM). In this context, the aim of this research was to analyse the main literature about SD, PPM and CBM proposing an integrative framework, as well as to reduce the gap on drivers and barriers in the development of CBM through a case study in a biodiversity company. As conclusions of this work, SD helps companies to define the strategic vision for innovation, integrating sustainable stakeholder objectives, meanwhile, PPM activities support the decision-making process, being responsible for the alignment of projects with firms’ strategy when generating circular business. In addition, regulatory requirements and cost of production have shown the main drivers, whereas technological restriction is the main barrier to overcome.




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PINHEIRO , M., & JUGEND , D. (2019). Minding the gap: The road to circular business models. Conference Proceedings of the Academy for Design Innovation Management, 2(1), 821–833. https://doi.org/10.33114/adim.2019.02.278