Business Empathy

A Systems Thinking Perspective


  • Jack WARING TU Delft
  • Rebecca PRICE TU Delft
  • Carl WARING University of Derby



Systems Thinking, Viable Business Model, Business Empathy, , Holistic Thinking, Servitisation


The strength of design is that it brings new perspectives - often referred to as ‘out of the box’ thinking. However, an attitudinal and methodological strength need not render the designer humble in systems-based business knowledge that improves the prospect of ideas being carried through to implementation. Systems thinking as a discipline offers designers a way to model and understand how a business works, from its processes and power structures to its people and underlying architecture. This paper proposes an incorporation of key system thinking tools including; Soft Systems Methodology, Business Architecture and Viable Systems Modelling into the design process to develop what we term business empathy. The paper contributes a system thinking perspective to an increasing body of literature regarding design innovation.




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WARING , J. ., PRICE , R. . ., & WARING, C. (2019). Business Empathy: A Systems Thinking Perspective. Conference Proceedings of the Academy for Design Innovation Management, 2(1), 680–696.