How to create value in a public sector context?

Exploring the co-design approach


  • William VOORBERG Erasmus University
  • Arwin VAN BUUREN Erasmus University
  • Geert BRINKMAN Erasmus University



Value creation, co-design, service-dominant logic, heuristic framework


In the public domain, design thinking is increasingly expected to create value by including service users in the fundamental aspects of these services. However, in order to create value, the design approach needs to be ‘translated’ into an applicable framework, appropriate for the public domain. Therefore, we first explore what kind of value is supposed to be generated within the public domain. Subsequently, by focusing on well-known contributions from the design literature, we review what can be learned from design approaches for value creation with users. Then, we examine what kind of specific characteristics of the public domain needs to be taken into consideration, when one aims to apply a design-oriented approach in the public domain. Ultimately, we conclude how the design approach, can be made applicable within the public domain. In doing so, this paper aims to formulate stepping stones for both academics and policy makers alike.




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VOORBERG , W. ., VAN BUUREN, A. ., & BRINKMAN , G. (2019). How to create value in a public sector context? Exploring the co-design approach. Conference Proceedings of the Academy for Design Innovation Management, 2(1), 485–499.