Design capabilities for the evolution of value creation


  • Nicola MORELLI Aalborg University
  • Amalia DE GÖTZEN Aalborg University
  • Luca SIMEONE Aalborg University



value co-creation, multilevel perspective, design capabilities


The process of value creation cannot be an exclusive preserve of designers, but it is rather the result of a diffuse problem solving capability. The creation of new value is also connected to the concept of innovation and can happen in different logical contexts, from limited and confined contexts (niches) to consolidated structures (regimes) and to wider sociotechnical contexts (landscapes). In all those contexts, design can have a different role and whoever designs should use different capabilities and tools. Furthermore, design capabilities can also be useful when aligning value creation and change in different levels, thus contributing to understand the relationships between small scale interactions and wider scale transformation of sociotechnical landscapes. This paper proposes a framework to understand the contribution of design to the value creation process at the three levels, focusing on design capabilities and tools to work across different logical contexts.




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MORELLI , N. ., DE GÖTZEN , A. ., & SIMEONE , L. . (2019). Design capabilities for the evolution of value creation. Conference Proceedings of the Academy for Design Innovation Management, 2(1), 472–484.