Communicating the Value of Design

Design Considerations to Assist Practitioner Rationale in FMCG Packaging Development


  • Nicholas Samuel JOHNSON Loughborough University
  • George Edward TORRENS Loughborough University
  • Ian STORER Loughborough University



Design Practice Management, Design Value, Packaging Design, FMCG, Taxonomy


Product packaging design is often produced through the practical application of tacit knowledge, rule of thumb and professional connoisseurship. Stakeholders are becoming increasingly demanding that design practitioners provide clarity of reasoning and accountability for their design proposals. Therefore, a better framework for the design of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) is required. This paper proposes a comprehensive taxonomy of ‘design considerations’ to assist the development of low involvement FMCG packaging and aid in rationale communication for design solutions. 302 academic sources were reviewed, inductive content analysis performed to code topics and output validation with academic and industry experts (n=9) through a modified-Delphi card sorting method. The research provides movement towards a comprehensive framework and common dialogue between stakeholders, practitioners and managers to assist in more effectively communicating the value that design can offer to FMCGs. The constructed taxonomy provides a set of 156 ‘design considerations’ to support in objective and informed design decision-making.




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JOHNSON , N. S. ., TORRENS , G. E. ., & STORER , I. . (2019). Communicating the Value of Design: Design Considerations to Assist Practitioner Rationale in FMCG Packaging Development. Conference Proceedings of the Academy for Design Innovation Management , 2(1), 453–468.