The semantics of design and why they Matter


  • Awais Hameed KHAN The University of Queensland
  • Ben MATTHEWS The University of Queensland, Australia



Value of Design, Value


Understanding the value of design in industry is a contemporary issue both in academia and industry. Many studies have been conducted using historical data, macro-level indicators, questionnaire-based tools, and abstracted post-hoc accounts of the value of design. However, very little research attempts to uncover direct insights from real-world practical experiences of designers in industry and how they negotiate the design-value space. This study uncovers rich qualitative, pragmatic considerations of how the value of design is operationalized in situ by design practitioners in industry through a series of 6 in-depth interviews. Initial results indicate that different designers undertake a series of different context-dependent strategies: these range from changing the narrative of the contribution of design based on the KPIs of the audience, to taking a non-action stance allowing for consequences and pressure from external stakeholders to help drive design in practice, as well as performing “designer-ly” activities under a different alias




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KHAN , A. H., & MATTHEWS , B. (2019). The semantics of design and why they Matter. Conference Proceedings of the Academy for Design Innovation Management , 2(1), 442–452.