Changing Things

Innovation through Design Philosophy


  • Johan REDSTRÖM Umeå University
  • Heather WILTSE Umeå University



Fluid assemblages, design philosophy, design theory, networked, computational


Digital networked technologies are currently at the forefront of contemporary innovation, driving changes in sociotechnical practices across industrial sectors and in everyday life. Yet technical innovation has been outpacing our capacity to make sense of these technologies and the fundamental changes associated with them. This sense-making enterprise is the focus of our current research in developing a design philosophy for changing things. We describe a conceptual framework developed around the concept of things as fluid assemblages to investigate and articulate what is going on with things, and how their development might be (re)directed toward preferable futures. Specifically, we here examine the important role of design philosophy in innovation, using the conceptual framework developed as a way to point toward potential sites for innovation in the current sociotechnical landscape. The line of investigation we pursue suggests that doing philosophy should become a central part of innovative design practices.




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REDSTRÖM , J. ., & WILTSE , H. (2019). Changing Things: Innovation through Design Philosophy. Conference Proceedings of the Academy for Design Innovation Management , 2(1), 373–382.