Towards the exploration of Gender awareness in Human-centred design


  • Bahar KHAYAMIAN ESFAHANI University of Brighton
  • Richard MORRIS University of Brighton
  • Mark ERICKSON University of Brighton



Human-centred design, gender, participatory design, sun protection, young men


The primary aim of the human-centred design (HCD) approach is to identify the user needs. However, we argue that there is a lack of understanding of, and even awareness of, gender in HCD. This approach sees gender as static and stable regarding male or female such that the implication of principles in products, systems or services appeals to one gender or another linking gender differences, and stereotypes. To illustrate this, the investigation was conducted in the context of fostering sun protection behaviour in young men. Participatory design sessions were deployed to investigate the role of gender in the HCD and how it can be used to foster sun protection behaviour. We have concluded with the development of a novel gender aware HCD approach which opens avenues for design research and practice for increasing emphasis on the influence of the designer’s own gender and their gendered perceptions in their designs.




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KHAYAMIAN ESFAHANI , B., MORRIS , R. ., & ERICKSON , M. . (2019). Towards the exploration of Gender awareness in Human-centred design. Conference Proceedings of the Academy for Design Innovation Management , 2(1), 275–285.