Colonizing Innovation

The Case of Jugaad

  • Abhinav CHATURVEDI Bennett University, India
  • Alf REHN University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
Keywords: innovation, innovation critique, postcolonialism, indigenous knowledge systems


Innovation is one of the most popular concepts and desired phenomena of contemporary Western capitalism. As such, there is a perennial drive to capture said phenomena, and particularly to find new ways to incite and drive the same. In this text, we analyze one specific tactic through which this is done, namely by the culturally colonial appropriation of indigenous knowledge systems. By looking to how jugaad, a system   of   frugal   innovation   in   India,   has been   made   into   fodder   for   Western management literature, we argue for the need of a more developed innovation critique, e.g., by looking to postcolonial theory.

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CHATURVEDI , A., & REHN , A. (2019). Colonizing Innovation. Conference Proceedings of the Academy for Design Innovation Management , 2(1), 159–173.