Exploring the role of Design in the context of Medical Device Innovation


  • Jessica Lea Dunn University of Sydney
  • Keum Hee Kimmi Ko University of Sydney
  • David Lahoud University of Sydney
  • Erez Nusem University of Sydney
  • Karla Straker University of Sydney
  • Cara Wrigley University of Sydney




Medical device design, patient centred design, design innovation, , ventricular assist devices, ankle-foot orthoses


Technology is the leading driving force in healthcare and medical device design, however, innovations which emerge from these practices are often driven by clinical requirements. Such innovations are focused on developing products that addresses current health issues, diseases or medical problems – often lacking consideration of the end users’ needs. Design innovation advocates that user-centred design happens much earlier in the product development process so that the patient needs are prioritised. However, this emerging field is yet to be defined and explored in a medical context. This paper therefore proposes a framework of Medical Device Design Innovation to explore the role of design in medical device innovation through two medical device case studies. The proposed framework suggests a way to navigate the nuances and complexities of the medical device industry in order to put the patient first while ensuring commercial viability.




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Dunn , J. L., Ko, K. H. K., Lahoud , D., Nusem , E., Straker , K. ., & Wrigley , C. . (2019). Exploring the role of Design in the context of Medical Device Innovation. Conference Proceedings of the Academy for Design Innovation Management , 2(1), 110–126. https://doi.org/10.33114/adim.2019.03.303