Discovering design narratives to humanize organizations


  • Andrea AUGSTEN University of Wuppertal, Germany
  • Titta JYLKÄS University of Lapland, Finland
  • Rachel HOLLOWGRASS University of California, Berkeley
  • Marjukka MÄKELÄ KLIPPI Aalto University, Finland



service design, design thinking


Human-centered design approaches have emerged in business organizations since the rise of service design and design thinking. As a consequence, designers have been shifting their role from pure aesthetics towards innovating. Thus, in this workshop, we look at the role of design and designer in the frame of designing organizations. Lots of designers are becoming involved in strategic projects in the context of organizational change, such as creating a more creative, design-driven work attitude, bringing a human perspective into existing processes and acknowledging employee’s individual diversity. But, do designers feel prepared for that? Are they aware of the organizational design narratives of companies?




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AUGSTEN , A. ., JYLKÄS , T. ., HOLLOWGRASS , R. ., & MÄKELÄ KLIPPI M. . (2019). Discovering design narratives to humanize organizations. Conference Proceedings of the Academy for Design Innovation Management, 2(1), 1784–1787.