Project Kap?da?: Locality of Production’

A Case of Research for Social Design in Complex Collaboration


  • Gizem ÖZ İstanbul Bilgi University, Turkey
  • Aysun ATEŞ AKDENİZ İstanbul Bilgi University, Turkey



Research for social design, infrastructuring, collaboration for social design, visual diary


Social design is a much-discussed topic in the context of facilitating change towards social ends. Growing problems in the social and political realm can trigger social change. In the last few years, Kap?da?, Turkey has been stuck between top-down mass industrialization and longstanding local production dynamics. “Project Kap?da?: Locality of Production” was emerged from the struggles associated with local production in the region and was realized in collaboration with local organizations, local community and ?stanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Architecture. The project aims to pinpoint the assets Kap?da? for the collective wellbeing of the region and reveal the potential intervention opportunities in the region through mapping out the network of relations between production, materials, public and institutions. In this paper, the project will be examined as research for social design case in complex collaboration. Different proposals that were developed out of this undertaking will be exemplified to discuss issues on the responsive role of the designer in ‘infrastructuring’ social design process. The paper further attempts to demonstrate how the research process can also function as an alignment tool between collaborators to attain objectives and open up possibilities for new collaborations and projects.




How to Cite

ÖZ , G. ., & ATEŞ AKDENİZ, A. . (2019). Project Kap?da?: Locality of Production’: A Case of Research for Social Design in Complex Collaboration. Conference Proceedings of the Academy for Design Innovation Management , 2(1), 1680–1688.