Causing a Stir

Co-creating a Crowd-voted Grants Platform for Creative Entrepreneurs


  • Camilo POTOCNJAK-OXMAN Ninpo Design Pty Ltd, Australia
  • Vincent WARD



Co-creation, Collaborative Design, Community Building, Creative Entrepreneurship


Stir was a crowd-voted grants platform aimed at supporting creative youth in the early stages of an entrepreneurial journey. Developed through an in-depth, collaborative design process, between 2015 and 2018 it received close to two hundred projects and distributed over fifty grants to emerging creatives and became one of the most impactful programs aimed at increasing entrepreneurial activity in Canberra, Australia. The following case study will provide an overview of the methodology and process used by the design team in conceiving and developing this platform, highlighting how the community’s interests and competencies were embedded in the project itself. The case provides insights for people leading collaborative design processes, with specific emphasis on some of the characteristics on programs targeting creative youth




How to Cite

POTOCNJAK-OXMAN , C. . . ., & WARD, V. (2019). Causing a Stir: Co-creating a Crowd-voted Grants Platform for Creative Entrepreneurs. Conference Proceedings of the Academy for Design Innovation Management, 2(1), 1647–1658.